Welcome Traveller!

This blog will be dedicated primarily for reviews and write-ups, such as essays. The whole website will be coloured in anime and solely that. I will be posting my reviews here, in MAL, Hummingbird, Anilist & Reddit where I collect and write down my thoughts on the show I am writing about. When writing I strive for a balance between personal and critical writing. With personal, I mean how I relate to the medium, and with critical I mean how well the medium conveys its story, themes, character, narrative, cinematography and more. I will not follow a set of categories (like those silly “reviewers” in MAL who strictly follow the Story-Art-Sound-Character-Enjoyment-Overall template) in my writing, so do not expect a strict format in my writings. I will however loosely follow a Preface-Intro-Body-Conclusion template.

I hope you and I will be able to discuss the shows I write about and the essays I might write in the future. Discussion is healthy and I will do my best replying to all the comments that are relevant to the topic in hand. Feedback is welcome too, so criticize my writing as you wish. If you think you will not be able to contribute to the discussion in the comments, do not fret for I do not mind short comments too.

I hope you and I can learn something from each other, and most of all I hope you will be able to learn something from my writing, no matter how small or big; if I am able to further your thoughts, opinion and view of something, then I have fulfilled my mission. That is to contribute to your development.

Let us do our best to improve ourselves, shall we?

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