Welcome, friend! Welcome to my blog where my thoughts are condensed and converted into a readable format. My goal with this website and my reviews is to improve myself, critically and to improve my world view. I hope you will enjoy the contents in this blog and I look forward to hear your thoughts on my write-ups. Let us improve together through discussions, arguments and friendly bantering.

An important thing one should know about me is that I tend to rate by how emotionally attached I am with the medium. A medium does not have to be critically superior to all others in order for me to love it and hold it dear. So you might see me rate shows highly due to that nature. I will not attempt to achieve a mindset that is objective and critical. That is not how and who I am. Nor can a human achieve those two things without abandoning their humanity.

Trivia: I am a male living in Sweden.

The site I use to track the titles I watch are the following: MyAnimeList, Hummingbird & Anilist. The site I mainly use is MyAnimeList. There you can follow what I am watching and have watched. The other two websites are not as frequently updated.

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